Ambassador Program

Want to become a Grove Campus Ambassador?

Email: with subject line "Ambassadors Program" and state:

a) Why do you want to join our brand Ambassador program?
b) What city are you based in?
c) Where and to who are you going to be speaking about the brand?
d) At least one source/or document showing us who you are or what you do (ex: social media account, website, a Youtube channel)
e) Follow up questions may be asked.
Friendly reminder, we have a very close community and we maintain a safe space for support and expression of self, so we would love to get to know you, your values and what you stand for with all the above questions before approval.


Q: Who do you approve?
All Ambassadors must provide in their records the answers to the above question in our "WANT TO BECOME A GROVE CAMPUS AMBASSADOR? " section and the application could be put on hold if full information/transparency is not present from the Ambassador. Our community consists of individuals passionate about Grove Campus’ mission and who have either a passion related to, or a personal business related to Grove Campus’ mission and products; such as accessible yoga, wellness, sustainable living, low-waste, fitness, health, non-toxic living, mindfulness and activism. This program is for individuals who want to become part of our community and speak about our brand to their own community with their own personal touch and to represent our values.
Q: What is this Ambassador program about?
Simply put, we want to create a larger movement as we know that we will be more successful with the involvement of others.
Each approved Ambassador obtains a Community Code of 15% off for their followers. For each successful purchase from the Ambassador's own referral through the Community Code, the ambassador will receive a 10% commission. 
Our Ambassador program is mainly created as a way to empower individuals to make a difference in the lives of others.
As an Ambassador you will receive 20% off any product in store as a thank you for those who are already passionate and sharing about us! This is a way to receive something in return when sharing and spreading the word about us. So, this is also about getting a chance to become part of the Grove Campus community. We are currently working on connecting everyone together and sharing resources with our Ambassadors if you wish to connect with us in that way.
Q: What are other benefits of this program?
Ambassadors will obtain a 20% off discount to shop on our website with their discount code. Ambassadors will be leading candidates for special events. Ambassadors will also gain exclusive access to Grove Campus’ community where we speak about valuable input to pursue your passion, mindset, tips & advice on personal brand, blogging and more!
Q: What is the Community Code that I can give my community/network and audience?
You will receive a Community Code of 15% off to share, this is great to share when you are referring someone in person such as but not limited to, yoga teaching, hosting group circles, classes and other. This code can also be shared on Instagram.