About us

Grove Campus is an impact-focused company rooted in community, well-being and sustainability. For the yogi looking to express themselves. Breathe easier, feel supported and grounded in your practice with a non toxic, non slip yoga mat. All while having minimal impact on our planet. Ten percent of all profits are also directly allocated towards our community initiatives.

Together we will continue to nurture community and let everyone know they are worthy of starting life on equal footing.

Thank you for joining the movement.

There is space for everyone


Three and a half years of prison was not the end of Brandon’s sentence. Through the prison system, he sought out help from therapists and psychologists but he was told they were too busy with the caseloads that they currently had and could only make time for him if he was suicidal. After being denied by the system he continued to struggle.  He left prison with PTSD and depression, as shame and guilt were on a constant loop in his mind.

A year after his release, he was at an all time low. With very few options to resort to, Brandon tried yoga. He was reluctant at first because he did not identify with the practice but he decided to give it a try.

Yoga emerged as a practice that was eye-opening and counteracted his mental health issues. Brandon realized that yoga moves much deeper than our physical bodies and has the ability to transmute a wide variety of issues, including mental health.

Brandon felt called to share this practice and its benefits with others, and created what he felt was lacking: a space for all. Inspired by the love for the people the Black Panther Party demonstrated he began leading karma sessions and used the contributions to have an impact in the community, thus Grove Campus was born.