The Importance of Self-Care: The Story of Kim Knight

Tell us a little bit about Kim Knight.

Kim Knight (she/her) is an intuitive, creative, and humble being. Born and raised in Montreal with Jamaican roots, I’m a daughter, sister, aunt, and friend with a beautiful support system. Growing up, I was always someone that extended themselves to help others. But it wasn’t until my early twenties that I realized my desire to help others was, at times, detrimental to my well being. I would get sick often and have trouble sleeping. After living in South East Asia for several months and having a new perspective on life, I returned home to embark on a wellness journey that led me to meet Shanelle (Co-Founder of The Villij). Six months later, we created The Villij, a wellness community for womxn of colour.

I’m intentional with what I do and who I give my energy at this point in my life. Every day, I gain a new understanding of who I am and acknowledge the possibility that it will change with new experiences.

What does it mean to you to tap into your power and what does the before and after of that look like?

For me, tapping into your power is realizing that everything you need and ultimately desire is within. Before tapping into your power, an individual may require external validation from others. It can also look like seeking happiness in objects or the wrong relationships. And once you’ve tapped into your power, you know who you are and why you are here. You no longer need to question yourself about life, career, relationships, or anything else. You have all the answers you need. But, this does not come overnight. Tapping into your power is a journey.

What was your experience like that prompted you to create The Villij?

The Villij was the result of several individual and collective experiences. I was tired of showing up in wellness spaces where I did not feel seen or heard (something I experienced locally and internationally). I wanted to see yoga and meditation studios, therapy offices, and every other wellness space champion representation, inclusivity, and accessibility. I realized that there were two main problems:

  1. Who has access to wellness services?
  2. When accessible, are wellness services culturally adapted?

When asked, the people in my environment (majority BIPOC) would say no to both questions. That was a problem.

“The future of self-care will be mindful, authentic, and accepting of who humans genuinely are - not bound by money, geographic locations, or race.”

For those who have never experienced it can you describe TrapSoul Yoga and what sets it apart?

TrapSoul Yoga is a yoga experience designed for womxn of colour to connect with themselves and their community through breath and movement. The space is welcoming and uplifting and ensures that womxn feel seen and heard. Guided by certified instructors of colour, each practice is accompanied by soulful playlists. This experience is an ode to communal care. Participants choose what they wish to pay from a sliding scale or receive a scholarship to cover the full cost.

Since Covid-19, the experience is hosted online to ensure our community stays connected and moving during this time of uncertainty.

How do you envision the future of self care?

I envision the future of self-care as an accessible practice that connects us to our ancestors. It will be a reflection of its origins - one that intersects with social and environmental justice. The future of self-care will be mindful, authentic, and accepting of who humans genuinely are - not bound by money, geographic locations, or race.

What message would you like to send to young women and little girls of colour?

“You deserve to be well. Practice taking care of yourself, then care for others.”

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