How yoga changed my life: The Story of Mica Peng

Walk us through who Mica is in a nutshell.

My name is Mica, and I am from a mixed background. Originally from Ottawa but I’ve been in Montréal for the past 4 years, I easily find the beauty in everything, but I would say I have a deep love for writing and reading (and of course yoga, and other workouts!). Some days you could catch me watching Brooklyn Nine Nine and other days you could find me learning more about the abundance of this world. Three things I am obsessed with are philosophy, croissants and lattes. My family and friends will typically tell you that I am always busy, but that's only because I'm doing self-care 7 days a week.

What has yoga done for you?

Yoga has brought me the calm my soul was yearning for. Life can be very fast-paced especially when you deal with so many situations, but every time I hit the mat there’s this sense of homecoming, and it is quite fascinating to realize that this practice has been available all this time, right here, right now. I used to practice yoga as a type of workout. However I remember the day I realized yoga was more than that.

When I was at my lowest health-wise and emotionally I took a class, and from that day I felt more powerful, centered, and finally started to heal after so long. Yoga has been the ultimate remedy for me in a few different scenarios. From then I decided to share this gift with others by becoming a yoga teacher.

How would you describe life and how to manage its cycles?

It has taught me that life is a circle. We go through ups and downs, and yoga is one of the tools available to help us maintain balance in our lives. It taught me that everything is a process, and that we do not need to erase the wrongs, but observe, and learn from it.

What do you think it would take for us to move forward as a collective?

It would take value-driven individuals and purpose alignment. If the collective understands and sees the need to be all together as a community as essential, then everything will flow more easily. It also takes time, but if you take it as a priority because you value those things, then it becomes easier to find time.

What do you want to get across in your teaching and how do you take those teachings and practice them yourself?

Across my teaching, I would like people to explore the movements, and help students stay focused in the moment. All bodies are different, so what seems to work for the teacher, might not work for other students - every progress is different. The way I am trying to incorporate those teachings into my life is by being more soft towards myself, and enjoy ANY space where I am currently at.


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